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Pontoon Boat MAJOR Audio Upgrade w/ LED Spot Lights

Pontoon Boat with an Audio upgrade. Rockford Fosgate Marine Speakers, Rockford Fosgate Marine Amplifiers, Marine Batteries, Sony Marine Receiver, & Heise LED Lights Product List below: https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/produ... https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/product/rockford-fosgate-pm2652b/ https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/product/rockford-fosgate-pm500x2/ https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/product/pm1000x5/ https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/product/heise-he-hcl1402pk/
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BENZ S550 with Hidden System (Alpine X Series Amps)

Hidden System for Benz S550.  This car is already top of the line, but we still upgraded the audio!  The two Alpine Type X 5 Channel amplifiers power up 10 channels of Superior sound quality.  The Audiomobile Elite 10" woofers can handle up to 1000watts each.  A custom enclosure makes sure the Subwoofers will penetrate through the heavy Mercedes-Benz…
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2016 Yamaha 242X Tower Wake Speakers and Marine Amps, Curved Lightbar Install

2016 Yamaha 242x features  the Rockford Fosgate 8" Punch Pro Marine Speakers with high output Horn Tweeters.  For boating at night we installed a 50" Heise Curved lightbar.   Watch the video below! https://youtu.be/_PAcpTPLpkw PRODUCT USED BELOW: https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/product/pm282hw-b/ https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/product/pm1000x5/ https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/product/rockford-fosgate-pm500x2/ https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/product/rockford-fosgate-p3d4-12/ https://www.inphasecaraudio.com/product/heise-he-drc50/
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Hidden Subwoofer Enclosure for BMW X5 M

Custom setup is completely hidden under the rear hatch-mat.  It was build in the space where the spare tire well is located.  This leaves the entire rear hatch with open space, creating the illusion that there is no audio system installed.  The Alpine PDX Amplifiers were designed with high sound quality (less than .05% distortion threshold rating).…
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