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Since 1991 we have served the Greater Omaha Metro with High Quality Products and Installation Services.  Let us help you enjoy great music with great sound quality!  Check out our portfolio and blog tabs for the latest news on our technology and custom builds.

From the blog

  • DroneMobile 4.0 ••• (REAL TiME – LIVE DEMO)

    Get a firsthand look and the way you can control your vehicle with DroneMobile.  This smartphone app can Remote Start, give Security Alerts, and GPS Track your vehicle.  UNLIMITED Range!  Why? because DroneMobile using Cellular LTE Networks to communicate with...

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  • Android Auto 2019 Update Demo

    The new Android Auto update has been released.  Check out this Demonstration video to see the latest features and options available.  Android Auto is a FREE app in the google play store.  If your stereo is Android Auto compatible this...

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