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Portfolio Category: Car Audio & Video

BENZ S550 with Hidden System (Alpine X Series Amps)

Hidden System for Benz S550.  This car is already top of the line, but we still upgraded the audio!  The two Alpine Type X 5 Channel amplifiers power up 10 channels of Superior sound quality.  The Audiomobile Elite 10" woofers can handle up to 1000watts each.  A custom enclosure makes sure the Subwoofers will penetrate through the heavy Mercedes-Benz…
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Custom Enclosure for Four Alpine Type R 12s

The Next Evolution of Proven Performance> The Alpine Type R 12s are top of the line subwoofers.  They can handle high performance output with super clean sound.  We build another very loud custom enclosure holding FOUR of the Alpine R-W12d2 subwoofers.  TWO Alpine MRV-M1200 amplifiers power the subs pushing close to 3,000 watts of power!…
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Custom Center Console Enclosure

Custom Center Console Enclosure was designed for multiple purposes in mind.  The box holds a 10 inch 200 watt Phoenix Gold Dual Coil Subwoofer.  The owner of this Ford Transit travels most of the year, with that in mind we added a Dual USB charger port on the back of the box so he is…
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