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Category Archives: Installations

“How To” Load Subwoofers into enclosure

Here is a quick video showing you how to properly install subwoofers into an enclosure.  This tutorial will ensure solid connections at both the boxes terminal cups and the subwoofers terminals.   Check it out!

Two Way Remote Starters @ Inphase

Don't sit in a Cold car, Sit inside and Start your car with a Remote Start.  You can start your car remotely with a single press of a button!  Let the ice and snow melt off your car before you leave for work.  That means no more scrapping your windshield.  Remote Start Systems can include page back confirmation with a Two Way Remote Start.  Two way remote starters have a 3000 feet range, and some systems can perform up to 3 mile range distances.  Select from the two manufactures we proudly represent: and


System from Video:



Be sure to Call us at 402-896-5825 to get a price quote today!

iLX-F309 Halo9 Demo Video

Check out this brand new Halo9, the  9" floating screen developed by Alpine Electronics.  This receiver fits "most" vehicles with its single din chassis.  Watch our demonstration video to learn more!  To purchase click here.

Alpine iLX-F309