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Android Auto Demo on Sony XAV-AX100

Google lovers or Android peeps check this out.  

Android Auto allows handsfree voice commands via Android Smartphone.  If you love your phone this is almost a must for your car.  It is sort of a game changer once you experience it!  Not all Android Smartphones are capable of Android Auto (must be running 5.0 Lollipop or Newer).


Sony XAV-AX100

Rockford Fosgate Certified Platinum Power Dealer

Inphase Audio is an official Rockford Fosgate Platinum Power Certified Retailer. 

A Platinum Power Retailer is the highest tier of certification offered by Rockford Fosgate. Inphase Audio has met and exceeded all the stringent guidelines required. This means that our customers receive the highest level of product knowledge, installation expertise, and product selection available. Prime, Punch, and Power series equipment, as well as the new Element Ready marine and Harley Davidson product lines, options are available for practically everything.

Stop in for your demo, and prepare to be blown away!

Rockford Fosgate Website


Flagship Retail SpecialistSelect U.S. Alpine retailers are designated as Flagship Retail Specialists. These "BEST OF THE BEST" retailers commit to giving you the ultimate Alpine experience.

Alpine USA has selected Inphase Audio as one of their Alpine Flagship Dealers. This is truly an honor. All Alpine Flagship dealers have to meet strict criteria for service, technology, and installation innovation.

We are very proud to be a part of this elite dealer program.  Alpine has set the requirements as the following; installation service expertise, vast knowledge of Alpine Product catalog, in-store merchandising, and an experienced sales team.  Our volume of sales and installation production must meet high-level quota to keep our Alpine Flagship status current as well.

An Alpine Flagship dealer provides several benefits to the customer. The first is the guarantee that Inphase Audio's sales staff has been trained in the latest technologies available. The professional installation staff is up to date on the most modern techniques, and the biggest advantage to the customer is the extra year of warranty on Alpine products, for a total of TWO years!

Inphase Audio has Alpine equipment on display for you to come in and hear the difference!

Alpine USA Website