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Momento M4 MD-4200


M4 Dash Cam Bundle includes front and rear cameras and 16GB Micro-SD memory card.

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M4 Dash Cam Bundle includes front and rear cameras and 16GB Micro-SD memory card.

M4 HD Dual Dash Cam MD-4200

HD (720p) dash camera system including front camera w/ LCD, rear camera, GPS antenna, and 16GB micro-SD memory card.

Visualize the Moment

Record activity at the front and rear of your vehicle in high-Definition with the M4 Dual Dash Cam system, which provides up to 270° of surveillance coverage for your vehicle.



While driving footage uses “looping” to overwrite older footage, recordings triggered by impact or motion are stored separately so that they are not overwritten.

Touch and Go

Touch and Go

The M4 front camera features a touch LCD that you can use to review footage, adjust settings, and start AutoSave recordings.


3.5" Touch Screen

Provides interactive interface and high clarity.

Provides automatic memory format and maximizes stability. Automatically overwrites files when storage capacity is exceeded.

Multi-screen feature allows you to view front/rear cameras simultaneously.

Provides voice guidance, as well as alert sounds/messages.

Continuous, incident-continuous, incident-parking, parking, and manual recording modes

Measures the voltage of your battery real-time and halts Momento to prevent excess battery-drain.

Provides information about vehicle's location and speed. (GPS antenna required).

PC Viewer for Windows is used to watch recorded videos. Use VLC for Mac computers.

Compatible with all vehicles.

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