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DroneMobile (LTE) Smartphone App – Remote Start + Security + GPS Tracking

What is DroneMobile?

DroneMobile is an APP for Smartphones, whether you have an iPhone or Android, the APP is compatible.

What does DroneMobile actually Do?

DroneMobile adds smartphone control to any Compustar remote starter or Compustar security alarm system.  DroneMobile connects your car to your smartphone and other smart devices for remote start, security, and gps tracking.

Remote Start -  "start your car from virtually anywhere!"

Keyless Entry - "lock and unlock your car doors"

Security Monitoring - "connect to compustar security system to access 24/7 alarm monitoring"

Alarm Alerts - "If your alarm is triggered, DroneMobile will send you an instant push notification or e-mail alert"

GPS Tracking - "Always know where your car is" (powered by google maps)

How much does DroneMobile Cost?

$200 for DroneMobile (LTE) and Service Installation.  DroneMobile requires a subscription based plan.  The plans include: Basic Plan and Premium Plan.

Smartphone Control checkmark icon checkmark icon
Remote Start checkmark icon checkmark icon
Keyless Entry checkmark icon checkmark icon
Security Alerts * checkmark icon checkmark icon
Auxiliary Features * Up to 2 Auxiliiaries Up to 2 Auxiliiaries
Unlimited Range checkmark icon checkmark icon
Warranty 1-Year Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Works with Your Car checkmark icon checkmark icon
Push Notifications checkmark icon checkmark icon
History Log checkmark icon checkmark icon
Maintenance Reminders checkmark icon
Engine On/Off Alerts checkmark icon
Vehicle Status checkmark icon checkmark icon
Door Lock Status checkmark icon checkmark icon
Engine Status checkmark icon checkmark icon
Battery Voltage checkmark icon checkmark icon
Temperature Sense checkmark icon checkmark icon
GPS Tracking checkmark icon
Points of Interest Up to 10 POIs
Curfew Alerts checkmark icon
Speeding Alerts checkmark icon
Price per Month $5.99 USD/month $11.99 USD/month
1-Year Prepaid $59.99 /1-Year $119.99 /1-Year
2-Years Prepaid $99.99 /2-Years $219.99 /2-Years
3-Years Prepaid $129.99 /3-Years $299.99 /3-Years

* Additional parts and labor may be required.

** CAD billing only available for yearly plans. 10/15/20% savings for 1, 2, and 3-year prepaid plans.

•••••FREE 30-DAY BASIC TRIAL INCLUDED••••• service plans starting at $5.99/month.



How does the DroneMobile have Unlimited Range?

Every DroneMobile system starts with our Module, which adds a cellular and GPS connection to your car.  If you have cellular service you will have access to control your car via the DroneMobile APP or  We have tested the range ourselves at Inphase:  We visited the country Belize and tried out the range of DroneMobile, the car we remote started was parked at Inphase in Omaha. The 3,000 Mile range test started car successfully!



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