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FOOLIGAN VLOG – Dakota Gets 2 12’s | DC Audio Subwoofer Build

Here is a little progress video FOOLIGAN made for his youtube channel.
The YouTube Channel - FOOLIGAN
Can't wait to see the final product!
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Apparel: FooliganVlogs402 Innovations - motorcycle parts, accessories, maintenance, etc: in this video:
- Intro track: Holla by MAX
- Outro track: What Is Love by Haddaway
-- Outro clips from Night at the Roxbury
- Ambitionz Az A Ridah by Tupac
- standby clip from Spongebob

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Omaha native Derek T. created the popular YouTube FOOLIGAN channel.  Its inception was late December 2015, and today the FOOLIGAN channel has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers, adding new subscribers daily!  Derek's personality and awesome edits have grown the entire motorsports community in our city of Omaha.  The channel is loaded with footage of the OGS (Omaha Grom Squad) riding around the city and foolin' around. We asked FOOLIGAN to be a part of our annual car show SOUNDS OF SUMMER. They were excited to set up a Meet & Greet.  Derek & OGS met fans, signed autographs, performed stunts on groms, and added excitement to the show! Thanks for being a part of our show!

Check out the FOOLIGAN videos and see the OMAHA GROM SQUAD meet and greet at SOUNDS OF SUMMER 2016.

Hidden Subwoofer Enclosure for BMW X5 M

This enclosure fits (two) Type S 12" Alpine Subwoofers & (two) PDX Alpine Amplifiers.  This setup is completely hidden under the rear hatch-mat.  It was build in the space where the spare tire well is located.  This leaves the entire rear hatch with open space, creating the illusion that there is no audio system installed.  This bimmer will rock any block it drives through!  The custom enclosure is tuned perfectly to maximize the output of both 12" Type S Subwoofers.  These PDX Amplifiers were engineered for the highest sound quality with less than .05% distortion threshold rating.  The bass this bimmer makes surprises everyone near it!  Everyone asks us "WHERE ARE THE SUBS?" See for yourself in our YouTube video now!



Rockford Fosgate Certified Platinum Power Dealer


Inphase Audio is pleased to announce that we are a Rockford Fosgate Platinum Power Certified Retailer. 

A Platinum Power Retailer is the highest tier of certification offered by Rockford Fosgate. Inphase Audio has met and exceeded all the stringent guidelines required. This means that our customers receive the highest level of product knowledge, installation expertise, and product selection available. Prime, Punch, and Power series equipment, as well as the new Element Ready marine and Harley Davidson product lines, options are available for practically everything.

Stop in for your demo, and prepare to be blown away!


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